Plan B - An Acquisitions Incorporated Franchise

The inns and outs

Upon returning Floon Blagmar to renowned author and storyteller Volothamp Geddard, the members of Plan B learned that Volo did not have the money he promised the adventurers but that he had something comparable, even better: the deed to a valuable property, “Trollskull Manor”.

Malac, the company’s documancer, handled the transfer of ownership from Volo to his own person, much to the surprise and dismay of his colleagues.

Trollskull Manor was a large building, with an inn on the ground floor and rooms on the upper floors. It was in a sorry state and needed heavy renovations as well as a the services of an exorcist (or adventurers) to get rid of the ghost of Lif, the former owner and bartender still haunting the manor. Sensing not the danger, but the opportunity, Lif was not chased away but rather offered a job and a stake in Plan B, which he accepted on condition of repairing and reopening the inn.

The adventurers got to know their neighbors, meeting with shopkeepers and other peculiar characters, got the visit of guild representatives who kindly reminded them of the way business was done in Waterdeep and faction agents who invited them to join their ranks as operatives. They climbed mountains, searched for talking horses, fought bandits and tailed suspicious individuals. They worked dilligently, earning little coin but something much more valuable: exposure.

One day, Magnus Silithel, their Acq. Inc. rep. came to offer them a loan to help pay for the repairs to the inn. Alvi Ruidolion, the party’s secretarian, signed the loan. Finally, the inn could open, attracting revenue and rivals.

Somwhere else in Waterdeep however, events were being set in motion and their earlier encounter with the guilds and factions would come back to knock at their door…


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