Poltergeist, Innkeeper


Lif manifests as the ghost of a middle aged half elf man with a short beard and short hair wearing a shirt, vest and apron. As per his ghostly nature however, his features are emaciated, he is transluscent and when he moves he seems to blur as if made of smoke. He is also mostly intangible and cold and his eyes are pitch black with a constantly stern and serious expression, though backed by a dutiful and respectful attitude. His voice sounds raspy and breathy and echoes as if from a crypt.


Formerly the owner and bartender of Trollskull Manor, he was murdered some time ago and haunted the property ever since, making potential tenants flee. He intended to do the same to the adventurers but they showed him respect and respected his life’s work as a barkeeper and offered him to still work from beyond the grave. He accepted.

Through hard work and dedication and with the help of the employees of Plan B who helped him practice back his bartending skills, he managed to stabilize his form from that of an invisible poltergeist to being a visible ghost. He also took up the role of Occultant within the Franchise and keeps the franchise’s public statistics on a blackboard above the counter.


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