Magnus Dayne Silithel

Acq. Inc. Rep.


Dressed in vibrant colors and fine floating textiles, Magnus always bears the Acquisitions Incorporated logo by wearing a gold pin on his lapel or with the symbol embroidered in gold thread on his clothes. Though a young eleven man, he has snow white hair he keeps somewhat short, though he has given up on trying to keep them orderly.


Magnus is an employee of Acquisitions Incorporated working in Business Development, as an Account Manager and Services Representative to Franchisees. He acts as liaison between the franchises under his management and the corporate services of Acq. Inc., offering services and contracts to his franchisees.

He graduated from the wizarding academy before getting a business administration degree, though his expectations of managing a magic item shop were rerouted when he was bought by Acquisitions Incorporated where his business-savvy attitude was put to good use.

Though an elf, Magnus is not from Evermeet, his parents having emigrated to the mainland before his birth, though he visited sometimes.

Magnus Dayne Silithel

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